Control Systems

Control Systems

April 17, 2019

An Energy Management System encompasses using computer-aided controls to ensure the optimum efficiency level for commercial buildings. These systems are typically implemented in order to reduce energy consumption and save money, while not impacting the comfort level of the occupants. To provide the best service possible, Bindas Mechanical Solutions specializes in the ProLon system.

As free, proprietary software, ProLon’s focus doesn’t require any yearly license or fees; making it a popular choice for many commercial applications that require their system to perform at peak levels. With the ProLon system, businesses have the ability to pinpoint problems through an alert system before a system failure occurs.  The entire system can also be configured to provide a user-friendly experience that can be managed anywhere you have an Internet connection available.

Bindas Mechanical Solutions can incorporate the ProLon system into a business’ existing equipment to help improve efficiency or retrofit the ProLon system into obsolete or failing systems. While full-fledged building automation systems can be expensive, the ProLon system goes beyond entry-level zoning. This makes it the perfect fit for both small to mid-sized commercial buildings as well as high-end residential homes.

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Example of a Prolon Control System for HVAC
HVAC Energy Savings

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In addition to the ProLon system, Bindas Mechanical Solutions has experience with a wide variety of control systems that are commonly found in residential, commercial and industrial structures. In fact, no control systems project is too big or too small for consideration. Some of the other energy management and control systems we specialize in include:

  • Temperature Monitoring and Adjustment
  • Equipment Operation Monitoring and Trending
  • Building Energy Usage Optimization
  • Utility Monitoring
  • Walk-In Cooler and Freezer Monitoring
  • Building Interior and Exterior Lighting Controls
  • Alarm Notifications and Alerts
  • Building Control Access Across Multiple Devices

Bindas Mechanical Solutions is the clear choice in Oklahoma for facilities that want to improve their facilities with modern automation tools. Whether you need help optimizing your existing control systems or want to implement new ones, Bindas Mechanical Solutions can help. Let us modernize your control systems with the latest and greatest technology available.

As a veteran-owned, Tulsa control systems business with over 10 years of experience, Bindas Mechanical Solutions works hard to treat each customer like family.  This means providing the service customers expect while servicing the unit like it were our own. For more information about our control systems services or to schedule your appointment, please contact Bindas Mechanical Solutions today.